Monday, May 4, 2009

Live a Happy Life

Today I contemplate life. I have had two people in my life pass away in the past 2 days and on the way home from the wake of one of those people I came across a fatal car accident. Which often makes me think...What if I had left 10 minutes earlier would that car wreck have involved me?..."there but for the grace of God go I."

Incidents like this make me begin to think about my life. Am I living my life fully? Everyday should be joyful, even the simple everyday tasks of life can be done with joy in your heart. I truly believe the quality of our lives are dependent on our mind set. We can choose to be happy. If we are not it is our responsiblity to ourselves to change whatever it is that needs changing in order to find joy everyday. This doesn't always mean excluding people from our lives but perhaps it means establishing boundaries and stating what is acceptable to you. To me it means doing what I want to do, what I love to do and yes, on somedays, doing what makes those in my life happy.

Being in touch with your everyday joy may also mean changing your mind set. This can be done simply by being positive about each and every task you approach. At the beginning of each day wake up and be thankful for anything....for waking up, for the sun shining, for the rain watering the gardens, find something to be thankful for before your feet even hit the floor. At the end of each day find something to be thankful for...the smile of a child, the hug of a child or friend or loved one, the dinner your hubby prepared (yes mine does this often), the quiet evening at home, the evening spent at the field watching your child have fun. The simple everyday things have joy in them if we take the time to acknowledge it, which brings joy to us.

So today find your joy and live a happy life.


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