Monday, April 19, 2010

Beads of Courage In Space

An exciting opportunity presented itself ... to have a bead travel into space. Myself and a fellow Fire Diva, Lauren of Maybeads entered this challenge. A contest and fundraiser offered by the organization Beads of Courage.

Beads of Courage are given to children battling certain diseases. As the children reach a milestone in their treatment, they are allowed to choose a bead to mark their success. The Beads in Space Contest was an opportunity for bead artists to submit three beads of their creation for a chance to fly into space. The beads will fly out on a space shuttle, along with the astronauts, in May 2010.

Now this was a contest. Due to space and weight restrictions not all beads submitted would be able to make it into space. The beads were juried according to a point system and the beads with the highest score were chosen to go into space. The beads with the highest scores were placed on a scale until the weight limitation was met.

Unfortunately my bead submissions were not chosen. Although disappointing this is quite alright, my beads will still go to the children.

My three beads submitted.

Lauren of Maybeads three submissions.

CONGRATULATIONS are due to Lauren...ONE of her beads is going into space!!!! Her most adorable space dog was chosen as one of the beads. CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN.


  1. Thanks, Ema! Your beads are sure to bring smiles to the kids - that colorful ufo is awesome!

  2. Beautiful beads all! Congrats to Lauren for her puppy getting picked.

    Thanks for commenting over at 4 miles north, Ema. Our water is hard too, and I never thought about that making a difference.



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