Thursday, May 6, 2010


One of my sisters is very into dragonflies. I decided I would try to make a dragonfly bead for her. I had considered this in the past but I did not feel I had the skill to bring a dragonfly to life on a bead. The time had come to tackle this. The only problem I could foresee would be how to get the webbed look of a dragonfly wing. That is something I want to bring to my dragonfly beads.

The following are some photos of my three day process.

Day 1
I considered these practice beads. My intent was to get the shape of a dragonfly and experiment with a webbing effect on the wings.

Day 2
I experimented with a different combination of glasses to define the wings.
Still not quite the look I was going for but I was reasonably happy with the results.

Day 3
Now this is more like it. A combination of different types of glasses and some silver foil got me much closer to the look I want to see.

Happy Dragonfly Beads for sale in my Esty shop.


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