Thursday, June 24, 2010

Viking Knit Sterling Silver Meets Lampwork Beads

I have some new pieces I have been working on and thoroughly enjoying the process.

For a very long time I have wanted to try to knit sterling silver. I tried some years ago but at that time it seemed very difficult. I think the sterling wire I was using was too heavy a gauge. Recently the flame was rekindled. I was at a bead show and another lampworker was selling a kit for viking knit. My Mom purchased the kit and we were both off and running.

I feel the process of viking knit combines my quilting background with my passion for lampworking and jewelry making. The viking knit allows me to hang around with my family, sit on the couch and watch (or listen to) a show while I happily knit away.

When the knitting is complete I have a tube of knitted sterling silver which I can then work into a bracelet or necklace. So far I have only made bracelets but an idea for a necklace is rolling around in my head.

Here is a pic of the final knitted product, after I have pulled it down (the process of pulling the knitted sterling through a piece of wood with descending sized holes).

I then take some measurments for the size bracelet I want to make and combine the viking knit with some purchased sterling components....

...add my own lampwork bead...

and whooola .... a bracelt is made.

You can find this and other bracelets in my Etsy shop


  1. That is awesome! I love how you're combining your two arts and crafts loves into one - and the results are gorgeous!


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