Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Excuse Me Please While I Puke

I was rendered speechless. I tried to form words but the only thing that actually left my lips was jibberish. This was completely unbelievable, incomprehensible, unbearable. The words came over the phone, delivered by my Mom but felt more like an incredible blow straight to my gut. I wanted to say, "Excuse me please while I puke."

In case you are just joining me let me take a brief moment to catch you up to speed. In March 2010, I suffered a stroke. I am in my mid 40's and this was a rather unbelievable happening. I have successfully recovered. In March 2011 my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently in the throws of treatment and recovery. Yesterday, we found out my other sister has breast cancer too!!! What the heck????

x 2 is just not right!

To say my family is completely stunned is an understatement of great proportions. I think we are all in a state of shock. We come from a line of really great genes. Our family history has had next to no medical issues, current generation aside. Our parents and grandparents are, and in some cases were, always extremely healthy. Our grandparents lived healthily into their 90s and 100s. We always believed we would follow the same course.

It is hard to put all my thoughts and feelings together right now. There is so much I want to say but the thoughts come and go so quickly.

It is my hope that we, as a family, will find balance and grace. It is my prayer that we will all heal.

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  1. Oh I cannot even imagine - prayers to you and your family no one would expect to be side swiped this way - I hope for a fast successful recovery for all! XO


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