Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Non Typical Day in New England in March

It is incredibly warm here today. In fact it is hot! I can not believe it is March 18th. This time of year we are usually buried underneath mounds of snow with temps beginning to warm up into the 40's. There is NO snow and the temp reads 77 F right now! INCREDIBLE! Incredibly gorgeous that is! We are very happy New Englanders!

The unseasonable warmth has inspired lots of project around the homestead. Today's projects include.....
Starting some seeds. Some of the beauties that will growing in my garden this summer. 

Taking a photo of this guy .... "No don't take my picture."

And taking him back to his dorm after spring break.

Getting ready for the summer season. :D We set up the new summer resort. The last one got destroyed in an unusually early October snow storm, that was the only snow to speak of this winter season. (picture me doing a little happy dance.)

Bringing the deck seating out of winter storage. So we don't have to sit on the floor in order to eat our dinners on these incredibly warm evenings, when I insist we have our meals outside.

A bit of basking in the sunshine (she looks hot, doesn't she?) and taking this girl for a walk. She is going in for surgery tomorrow to have a tumor removed. So I am going to hangout with her today while my husband takes son 2 back to college.

Now I need to go find my shorts so I can get outside for a walk. More happy dancing. Have a great day!


  1. I live in the Pacific NW and it's snowing today in PDX. We have 'false spring' like last Friday when it was 66 and I decided to clean my stove because the sunshine exposes so much unattended during the winter months! I wrote a post about it and if you get a chance, visit HERE
    Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog and I am a follower now.

    1. I know what you mean about the cleaning. I guess the darkness of winter is good for something. I am hopping on over to your blog, I will see you there. Thank you for joining me.

  2. Lordy it's 75 today - where did all this fantastic weather come from??? We've gotten snow in April for God's sake! Are we going to be at 102 in June??? Last year we had like 24 feet of snow and I'm in CT! I'm completely confused!


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