Thursday, August 20, 2009

It happens every summer in mid-August

Every summer in mid-August I hit the wall. My frustration level becomes far too high and my patience much too limited. I know why this happens and I will explain later but this year when the s#*t hit the fan (which happened last weekend) I decided to do something about it NOW rather than later.

Here's my story....
My kids get out of school for the summer in mid June (the date can vary widely depending on how many snow days we have over the winter) and go back to school in very late August or early September. Summer is a fun and exciting time. We all look forward to having a break from the school bell time clock and routine. I can honestly include myself in that statement because I do look forward to having my children all to myself. The summer becomes a crazy but fun schedule unto itself; constant sleep overs here, there and everywhere, daytime swims, nighttime swims, hanging by the fire pit, vacationing, camping, biking, hiking and yes too many video games.

As a stay at home Mom I love the summer routine. Here it comes...the big BUT....but by mid-August I crack. I long for me time. Time to create, time to exercise, time to be quiet, time to listen to MY music as loud as I want...just plain time to be me on my own terms, even if it is only for a few hours a day. I have learned over the years that by the middle of August my cup is empty. I have nothing left to give. I usually hang on by a thread for two or three weeks. This year I sat for a while in a self pity session whining to myself about all the things I want to do and don't seem able to get done. In the middle of my mid-August melt down I decided it didn't have to be this way, I could take action.

I did something I have never, ever done in my life.....I went shopping. I have never shopped because I was emotionally distressed for any reason. Really...never!

I have been considering redoing my bedroom for over a year and could never find exactly what I was looking for. Well wouldn't you know there it all was in one store on that one particular day. The sheets, the comforter/bedspread, decorative pillows, lamps (which perfectly matched the shade type in other areas of my home and I LOVE them.). Everything in the exact color scheme, theme, and style I have been looking for. I couldn't believe it nor could I resist buying it all. I know, I know I really shouldn't have given my mood but I did and I am really happy with all my purchases. What does this mean? I believe that the universe aligns itself to what you want and think about. On this day I decided to take care of my desires and there it all was waiting for me to show up. (Too bad the universe didn't send extra cash my way to cover paying for my desires...maybe it is on its way to me at this moment.)

Over the last few days it occurred to me...I need to pay attention to me more often. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of family life (any caretaker will understand this) I need to get off the tread mill once in a while and check in with myself. In checking in I found out I was not taking care of myself. I was not making myself happy. Time to reassess the direction of my days.

I did just that. I have begun a morning routine of rising before the rest of the family to take some time to find that quiet time. I have set limits for the upcoming week, everyday doesn't have to be all about the kids..Mom gets some time to create and time to just get stuff done. This way we can ALL be happy.

So today I am creating some resin bottle cap pendants. Stay tuned...I will blog about this process later this week and have photos of the completed pendants.

So I end with the old adage we all know well:
If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


  1. Ema, So have to take care of you!

  2. Good for you, Ema! You have unlocked the secret. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)

  3. oh ema...i feel your frustration...this was the first year in 20 that i worked through the summer (30hr/wk) but i have to say that even i am "done" and am looking forward to school soon as i get home it's MOMMY! MOMMY!...

    ME time for me is in the morning and late at night (if i can stay awake)...i also try to take time during the weekend for ME (a hike, walk, bath, create)...


  4. Thanks gals! Eileen..I often think about women who work full time and I am in complete awe. I truly don't how you do it. I hold those who work and those who home school in very high regard.


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