Monday, January 17, 2011

Step 1 in my 2011 Overhaul - Event Planning and Organizing

In my effort to better organize myself this year I intend to get a day planner which I will use specifically for my art and my business. In the past I have not been very good at meeting deadlines for events I want to participate in. I have signed up or intended to sign up for various contests or exchanges only to forget when the deadline is. I have printed out paper work to apply for a contest, written notes to myself, set up alarms in my cell phone calender only to end up loosing the paperwork amongst the mass of paper that finds it way into my home daily or realize I haven't given myself enough time to actually complete the work. And thus another opportunity floats right on by.

I am a visual person. I think if I leave a planner on my work bench and check it every couple of days I will be much better motivated. I will have a visual reminder of my intentions and become much better organized and actually meet deadlines and entry dates. Yes I definitely need to get better organized.

I found this planner while searching Google. Unfortunately the seller is no longer active. Maybe I should make my own, but then again that will take away time from the beads and jewelry I am intending to create. Perhaps I should support another Etsy artist and just buy one. Now if I can find one which suites my needs. (the one above does)

I have been searching Etsy and haven't found what I am looking for. My kids are home from school today, I didn't plan on working, I think making my own planner is going to be in my plans for the day. Stay tuned. I will show you a picture when I'm done.

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