Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Throws Curve Balls the Key is Finding Grace

I haven't posted many blogs this month simply because I haven't known where to start. Steel yourself away a moment to share my story. I have no pictures to share today, but I do have a story to tell.

The month of March has been quite a challenge for me personally. I have had many debates with myself as to what is appropriate to share on my blog. I have decided that I am who I am and I won't change that for any reason. I am not overly complicated and I am not good at pretending everything is all peachy keen when inside I am feeling unsettled. So I have decided to share a piece of my story.

I was going to write a blog about beads but I wasn't feeling inspired to do so.

I was going to write a blog about the state of our world today. Many people are struggling financially, myself included (therein lies my lack of inspiration for writing about beads). Honestly sometimes I get tired of all the effort which needs to go into marketing. Some days I just want to create. I decided against this blog.

I was going to write a blog in celebration of March 26. This date means nothing to most people but it is a date I will never forget. It is the date, one year ago, that I had a stroke. I think you will understand when I say that this came as a complete shock to myself and my family. That was a curve ball for sure! I am grateful to be healthy with only a couple of very minor lingering effects. It seemed celebrating one year later and good health was appropriate. I never got to writing that post because I was thrown another curve ball.

My sister, my friend, a woman who was a surrogate mother to me when I was young, a woman who taught me my love of being an artist, a woman who continues to teach me about life was diagnosed with breast cancer. ****CURVE BALL****

We are at the very early stages of this ordeal and her course of treatments are not completely known to us at this point. So much is unknown to us. My sister has requested internet privacy while she travels this road and I will respect her wishes. However her journey directly effects my path, so there will be parts of it I may feel compelled to write about. I have found writing and blogging to be healing for me so I may wish to write about certain events as they effect me. I hope she can understand that.

I am finding my own personal grace in realizing that when the world may seem turned upside down life can throw you a curve ball. It is then that you can choose to find grace. All those "things" that were upsetting or stressing to you suddenly seem very small. You realize what is important and where your energy needs to be focused. My family is the most important part of my life. As long as we are all together nothing, and I mean nothing, else matters.

I thought it fair to share some of this with you because I may or may not be active in my ability to create and sharing my creations with you. I can't really say right now. I need to allow the story to unfold. Obviously my sister will be my top priority. My family and I will all be finding grace together.


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time Emma.


  2. Ema, Your sister's journey will affect your life. You will struggle as she struggles. You will cry alone so she doesn't see you when worry wracks your whole being. And... You will exalt in her triumphs. It's going to be a long journey. But you will get there and you will both be stronger for it.

  3. Ema, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Family is the most important thing ever.

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart. You and your family are in my prayers.

  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. We will need them for sure. beautifully said. Oh my gosh, tears to my eyes my friend. Thank you.

  6. There are many treatments available these days, so I'm hoping that everything will turn out fine for your sister. I know I'm a stranger, but I will keep you both in my thoughts and will send positive vibes your way. Continue to cherish each other and take comfort in that love.

    I'll also be hoping your financial difficulties are lifted soon. Can totally sympathize with you, there.

  7. Jamberry, I have met so many fantastic people over the internet. I appreciate all the wonderful friendships that have been created over the airwaves. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  8. I just now came across this post Ema. I wanted you to know that I am thinking of you & sending out positive vibes to your sister for a full & speedy recovery. May her journey go smoothly.

    You overcame your obstacle, as will she. Lean on your friends. That's what they're there for. Hugs to you, my friend.

  9. You are loved! Your sister is surrounded by love. God Bless you all.

  10. Wow, Ema, I just read this post. You are so remarkable for holding it together through your health issue and now you face your sister's. I think that writing definitely helps, and you write so beautifully. Even if you write in a private journal, it can be healing. I wish your sister the very best and I know you will be strong for her. I'll be thinking about you.


I always appreciate your thoughts and comments, so please feel free to share. I encourage kindness in all words.


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