Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seduced by Kalypso

She is a silent seductress. She quietly reveals herself; a friend recommends her beauty, she slyly poses for photos and before you know it I find I am tempted. Next thing you know she has worked her way into my studio and I find Kalypso is sitting on my work bench. I jest, but some glass is hugely expensive, running in the area of $100 per pound (a pound is roughly 10 or 12 rods which are approx. 12 inches in length) and Kalypso is one of them. Her colors are brilliant and beautiful! I was thoroughly tempted and purchased some and now I have fallen in love with the beauty of this glass. Kalypso rods are created by adding silver to the glass. I don't know the process but as you can imagine, adding silver to anything these days can be quite expensive.

Silver within the glass rods is fascinating to work with. The colors achieved can vary. It all depends on the levels of oxygen vs. propane in the flame, this means that you can produce different effects. So far I have been able to create a soft orangey look, a beautiful deep pink and even a shiney silver look, all with the same Kalypso glass.

This bead has a base color of Kalypso which I worked into a deep rose color and even began to attain a shiney silver surface.

Here is a Kalypso base worked gently to maintain its' peachy/pink colors.

but I find I love her most when used as an accent to the bead, as with my Kalypso Pearl focal beads.

and the Kalypso Tree focal bead...

I am selling the GORGEOUS Kalypso beads in my Etsy and ArtFire shops.


  1. Ema love this post. I still haven't tried this glass, but I can see by your lovely beads why you love it.

  2. Marcy, you just might get hooked if you try it. :D
    Thank you.

  3. Just lovely Ema. I'm still working on trying to get this glass to sing.

  4. Very nice creations and the variety of colors is amazing.I like the beautiful intricate work on the beads.

  5. Gorgeous glass! ALMOST more fun than the awesome pendant you offered up for One World One Heart--I am seriously in love with it! Just letting you know I finally pictured and linked you up!

    Thank you again, Ema!



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