Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow in October and it was a Total Wipe Out

The day before Halloween Massachusetts was struck with a whopper of a snow storm. By the time it was done I had 13 inches of heavy, wet snow on October 30!!!!

The snow itself wouldn't have been so bad. A late fall foliage contributed to the problem. The trees were still covered in leaves. NOT GOOD!!! So many limbs completely broke off the trees due to the weight of the snow. Many tree tops broke right off, some of them falling to the ground, many of them are still hanging precariously. We refer to those deadly ones as widow makers!

An oak tree bending precariously

Our driveway. Some of the trees that didn't make it.

My much loved (by me and the birds) Bradford Pear Tree. The center is gone and it no longer has its lovely pear shape. It will have to be replaced in the Spring. :(

This is my pool side cabana. I wasn't able to get the roof off and it completely crumpled up. 

My Mom and one of my sisters were without power so they came and stayed with me. I am grateful to have a generator that at least keeps our well running, heat in the house and one room with electricity. We really couldn't complain. It was really nice having some female energy in my home.

My dog and my sister's dog making the most of a warm, sunny spot.


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