Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gratitude Today

I feel a huge sense of gratitude today.

It is a dull, cloudy, rainy day but the images I encountered on the usual journey to my son's school are in my head and my heart today. The beauty I saw filled me full of warmth and joy. I know this feeling will stay with me all day.

My son and I are up and at 'em early, so it was dark. Of course we were busy readying ourselves so I wasn't paying any attention to anything besides getting the morning routine done and getting us out the door on time.
As we pulled out of the garage I noticed a beautiful tint to all the trees, we rounded the bend and stopped the car in aw of the gorgeous sunrise. I had wished I had my camera or at least my phone so I could capture the beauty happening right in my front yard. (no time to run back in and get it) The photo below is very close to what I saw.... but that is only the beginning of the story...

We continued our drive. At the end of our road is a lake, behind the lake are hills and mountains. The high terrain, now standing in full fall foliage, was completely washed in a hue of pink. I have been living here for 6 years and have never seen that. It was simply beautiful. A gift to be cherished. But's not over yet....

THEN we spotted a rainbow! We ended up seeing both ends of the rainbow!!! It was a great way to start the day.

I dropped my son off to school and turned back toward home. By this time the sun had completely risen and was behind the clouds. The world now was a simple gray and it was beginning to rain. All the beauty we passed on the way was gone but the feeling is still shining within me. I don't see the gray, I see all the world washed in pink and a beautiful rainbow overhead. I am full of joy.


  1. Oh my GORGEOUS sky! Beautiful moment to share XOXO : )

  2. I thank you for the inspiration Patricia.


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