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The Challenge of Music by Ema K Inspired by Stevie Nicks

"What song do you connect to so personally that every time it comes on the radio the beat moves you, the lyrics speak to your soul, and the harmonies make your heart sing? If you love music, this is the challenge for you! For the Challenge of Music, we will choose a song that speaks to each of us personally and translate that song into an accessory.", quote from Erin Prias-Hintz of Treasures Found. Erin had the idea for a challenge, The Challenge of Music.

I love when a challenge inspires me to create. I didn't have to think twice about entering this challenge. I knew immediately what I would create and which song my piece would represent. I grew up in the 80's and have always been a huge fan of Stevie Nicks. There are so many songs I could have choosen for this challenge. Ultimately I ended up going with an old Stevie Nicks song, The Highway Man. I hope you will take a moment to listen to it. This song is from her album, Bella Donna. I don't believe this particular song was a hit that aired on the radio but it is one of my favorites from the album.

"Alas he was the highway man
The one who comes and goes
Only the highway woman keeps up with the likes of those."
...."A dream begun in white."...
                                             -Stevie Nicks, The Highway Man

The piece I created for The Challenge of Music
A Dream Begun In White

A Dream Begun in White Necklace began with a variety of different types of yarns. (I wrote about the search for these specialty yarns, you can read that backstory here.) I knew I just had to create a whimsical, white, fairy tale type of necklace using the kumihimo braiding technique. Once I began working the necklace and saw it coming together I began to envision the beads that would accompany it. I didn't want the beads to take away from the necklace yet they had to be strong enough to stand with it. My vision was to create some beads that were white with gold foil shimmering from within. If you have been following me you will know that I am in love with a certain type of lampworking glass known as Kalypso. (aaaahhhh Kalypso!) Naturally I thought a couple of beads that included the beauty of Kalypso would work perfectly with the shimmery, sparkly yarns in the necklace. Mission accomplished!

I learned something through the writing of this blog. I have to laugh because all these years I thought the words to the song says "a dream begun in white" I found out that the words are actually "a dream begun in wine". Now isn't that funny? Perhaps my creation would have been completely different if I had realized this sooner. I for one am glad I DIDN'T know this fact until I completed the necklace. I am quite happy with this necklace and the lampwork beads I created to accent it.

I have been completely inspired by Erin's challenge. I have so many songs that I feel have been a representation of my life as I have moved through various phases of living. Some of the songs I would call theme songs, others provide inspiration and others are simply just fun. I would like to continue creating based on some of my personal theme songs. The ideas are rolling in. I guess it is time to get out my sketch book and start taking down some notes and drawings.....
Remember Bette Milder's The Rose? I walked down the aisle to that song. I see a necklace.....

Here is a list of the artists involved in The Challenge of Music. I'm sure they would love you to stop by and see their wonderful creations.

What is your theme song? I would love to hear your thoughts on music, life and art.


  1. I haven't heard this song in ages! Your necklace is so Stevie and wispy and strong and has that beautiful feminine mystique. It goes perfectly with "The Highway Man". I am going to have to dig through my CDs and cassettes and find this one!

  2. I like what you have done with the song, and the necklace. And I do like Stevie Nicks... Have you head the song "The Highwayman " by Loreena McKennitt? A different Highwaymen tale...from the Book of Secrets CD...

  3. Wow! I am so totally in love with your creation.

  4. Stevie Nicks always felt like the perfect soul sister! Thanks for bringing her into my life today. I love how you mixed the delicacy, fantasy of the white yarn with your hauntingly feminine beads. xoxo Beth

  5. A very nice song I've never heard before. Love the necklace, it has a beautiful winter feel about it. Snow and frost, cold and heat, hard and soft.

    Funny how one can misinterpret lyrics -- and continue to do so for years -- sometimes. Have you heard about the website It's all about misheard song lyrics. Some of them are pretty funny, either because of the text or how the mistake was discovered.

  6. Wow, that necklace is amazing! I used to have this album (yes, that's right ... I said album =) and I definitely remember that song. A dreamy design for a dreamy song. Beautiful!

  7. Ema, that necklace is beautiful! Perfect for the song! You have incredible talent :)

  8. I am glad you are enjoying Stevie. And I know about albums! lol! This is ONE of my all time favorite albums. I appreciate your kind words about my work. I always feel my pieces look so much more alive in person than they do in photos so I truly do appreciate your kindness.

  9. In whine, oh boy I am sure that would have totally changed everything. It's funny but the focal looked like a fish to me at first so I had to keep reading to find out more, maybe I have had too much wine lol. Very pretty piece.

  10. Love how you used the yarn to create the necklace - the texture is awesome! Your beads are gorgeous and I love how you used them as accents on the necklace!

  11. Beautiful necklace, very Stevie Nicks! The kumihimo braiding is a lovely addition, especially with the type of yarn used. I have been wanting to learn that technique. You did an excellent job of balancing the beads with the yarn. Too funny about the mix up with white and wine! I'll take either!

  12. Stevie herself would totally wear this. I do not usually like fiber but I have to tell you I am in awe and love with this! WOW!

    1. I have never been a fiber in my jewelry kind of person either. Recently I learned Kumihimo and LOVE how fiber can translate into jewelry. I have surprised myself. Thank you for your positive words.

  13. I just edited my post to embed the video (learned something new from checking out all the other wonderful Music blogs) and I added some "better" outdoor photos. Thanks everyone for all the inspiration.

  14. Miss Ema, you are taking me back to my 80s childhood with this song selection. I had never heard this song, but it perfectly embodies Stevie's unique sound. I can actually see her wearing this piece. It is flowy and ethereal with a bohemian princess feel. I love that you misheard the lyrics! I am always singing the wrong thing to songs and that just tickles my funny bone. I actually like your words better. ;-) Thank you so much for getting inspired and sharing your creation with all of us. It has been so fun to get to know you all through your musical personality! Enjoy the day!

  15. I bet Stevie would wear your necklace in a heartbeat. I love your lampworked beads. It is truly a dream.

  16. Ema, I love Stevie Nick's sultry voice and have been a fan of hers for many years. I love your necklace. The glass beads hanging from the pretty kumihimo band are gorgeous. You have a true talent with glass and fire.

  17. Beautiful, light and fluffy! I love it!

  18. Oh that's funny-well maybe it could have been white wine? Fabulous necklace and it looks like Stevie. Love the kumihimo! One of these days I'm going to try and attempt it. You did a beautiful job. Love the beads!!

  19. Wine, white, whatever -- this is a really beautiful necklace! The feathery yarns just say "Stevie Nicks" to me, and I really like how the lampwork echoes the shimmer in the fibers. Yummy!

  20. How stunning...Stevie Nicks all the way!

  21. That piece is so perfect for Stevie Nicks! Great job!


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