Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Join Me in the Celebration and Giveaway

My fan page on Facebook has reached over 300 Fans. That means it is time for a mini celebration. Which means you get a chance to win a bead from my Kalypso Pearl Series. 



I ask that you help spread the word about my work.

1. Share my FB fan page, Ema K Designs on FB, with your friends on FB
2. Leave a comment on my blog...see comments below. 
3. Make sure I to leave an email address so I can contact you if you should win.

The drawing will be held this Friday, August 17th at 5:00pm EST. Entries will be allowed until 4:30pm.

Thanks so much to all my wonderful fans.

Free Shipping in the US.

*full disclosure*
My eye sees the colors in this bead as deeper than in the photo. The pink is a bit more rose colored and the brown areas are bit deeper.  


  1. Love the bead! Have shared on my business and personal FB pages. Congrats on the "likes"! :)

  2. Stunning bead - shared your fb page on both my profile and fb page =)
    (email: lilyjvincent@gmail.com)
    Lo/The Creative Klutz =)

  3. Love the bead!! am sharing on fb as well!

  4. What a gorgeous bead! I am sharing this giveaway on my FB page.

  5. That is one gorgeous bead! WOW! love, jean! sharing on your FB and mine! xox jean

  6. Fabulous bead! I have liked your page and also shared it and an announcement about the giveaway on my FB personal page so all my friends will see it.

    Elizabeth Holmes-deForest...come friend me on FB!

  7. Oh heavens! That is one gorgeous bead! Sharing on FB!!!

  8. oooh lovely - thank you. Sharing now!

  9. Since today is my birthday - what a great win this would be. I shared you too! Love your beads.

  10. I shared on my Facebook:


    Thank you so much for this incredibly generous giveaway! Fingers are officially crossed :)

    TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com

  11. What a beautiful bead! The colors are perfect for a piece I've been looking for a focal piece for! I "liked" your FB page, and shared your giveaway on mine.


    Blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com

  12. Absolutely stunning bead!!! I love the colors and the texture :)


  13. Congratulations and I know your page will continue to grow and grow!

    I have shared with friends and more.

  14. The previous comments have said it all --- Beautiful, Stunning, Perfect colors and Ooooh! And, there was even another Leo birthday girl hoping for a BD gift.

    Your artistry is new to me - so glad to have found you!

    Please put my "name in the hat" and I'll keep my fingers crossed while I share and comment.

    I'm on my way to Etsy to check out more of your work. Thanks for sharing in your celebration. Best wishes for incredible future success. xoxo

  15. Oh, my - this is a gorgeous bead to be won! Lovely - liked the page, followed your blog and hoping to be lucky and win it :)

  16. Congratulations on 300 likes on your Facebook page :) Absolutely beautiful bead -- your work is outstanding! Happily sent shares to my FB page for "Jewel School Friends" and my FB page, "Toltec Jewels"
    I'll also be sure to add one of your beads (with a link to your store) to our "featured artists" Etsy widget on the JSF blog :)

    Rita aka TJ

    My email: Toltecjewels@aol.com

  17. Beautiful, dreamy bead!
    Followed the blog, shared the FB post, liked....
    sandramarieyoung @ hotmail . com

  18. I love all of the swirls of different colors on the bead. I'm about to share on FB and join your blog! Congrats on 300! jenrenblog@gmail.com

  19. Shared on my facebook page! Love your beads! rlwshkspr@gmail.com

  20. beautiful! shared page on my facebook

  21. I am going to share on my fb now :) thanks

  22. I shared your page on my personal and business page (facebook.com/deeliteful.jewelry.creations). MY email is Dyanne4293@gmail.com. Thank you. Gorgeous bead! I'm a newbie lampworker.

  23. Your beads are stunning! I would have shared your page even if you weren't having a giveaway! =) beadlolabead@yahoo.com

  24. That is a gorgeous bead. I'd love a chance to win that and work with it.


  25. Just posted to my facebook page. http://facebook.com/KayzKreationzGlassKreationz


  26. Hi, I have 'shared' on my f/book page, but I'm afraid my comment went onto your f/book site, I love the colours in your beautiful Bead. my email is.... muncher@supernerd.com.au ......please don't think bad of me regarding our email address.... it was a business address of my husbands.......when he sold the business we just kept it on as we had so many contacts who had it. Your beads are really beautiful.

  27. What a milestone to reach! Congrats!
    And the bead is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are so soft and pretty. It is very generous from you to give it away! Thank you!

    Email would be janaitapstr (at) gmail dot com

  28. Congratulations on 300 n more. I really love your bead and will share this with all my wonderful FB peeps. I would be honored to be a winner of one of your beads.

  29. I typed this once before and it erased it on me!

    Congrats on getting 300+ likes. I shared it on my personal page (800+ people), so hopefully you'll get a few more from my direction. :)

    You can contact me at zenithjade@yahoo.com ! *LOVE*

    1. I was trying to comment on blog yesterday and that happened to me too. It must have been a blogger glitch.
      Thanks for commenting and sharing.

  30. Thanks so much for all your entries. I appreciate all your kind words! The winner has been drawn and will be announced in a tomorrows blog post. Again I thank you for stopping by and I hope you will continue to visit. See you soon.


I always appreciate your thoughts and comments, so please feel free to share. I encourage kindness in all words.


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