Monday, August 27, 2012

Let Me Tell You About My First Time

My first time behind the torch that is. ;o)

My first lampworking class was in September 2005, just about this time of year. I always get reminiscent about it at this time of year too. So it is complete serendipity that my friend and fellow lampworker, Jennifer Cameron over at Art Jewelry Elements, put out the call to other artists to post pictures of their first pieces of work to show how they began and where they are now. What a fantastic idea!

The challenge here was finding on old photo. I couldn't find a digital image of a bead from those early years. Sorry about that. I am definitely going to have to dig deeper and find some of those images. I had to settle on an image from 2009 for this writing. I will try to gather some of those older beads and update this story, but for now I want to share.

My first time sitting behind the flame watching glass turn to a malleable material was an absolutely amazing experience. Prior to this I had always thought of glass as an end product, already shaped into a form, as a household item. To sit behind the torch that first time and realize that I could use glass as an art form was eye opening. Glass can be sculpted and manipulated!!! How exciting! And come on now...I have always been a girly working hot glass in a flame...that is pretty cool! I now have a collection of tools that impresses most guys.

You can find my work at Ema K Designs on Facebook and Etsy.

Thanks for taking the time to share my journey. 


  1. I LOVE lampwork beads they are so amazing, and I can't even imagine how you guys make these! When I was a girl my father used to make glass pieces and I remember going to the studio with him and was mesmerized by how he would bend and mold each piece. I grew up with a healthy respect for the dangers of molten glass ... and never learned! Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Antiquity. How amazing to me that you grew up with a father that was lampworker.

  2. I have two of your early pieces. One is white with a red heart on it and red little dots. The other is a red "fob" with a flower on it! They're cute!

    1. I remember that heart Pat! I am so happy you commented. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beads (and your love of cool tools), Ema. I agree, the thought of melting glass is into a work of art is VERY appealing... too bad I'm so terrified of flames LOL. Your kitty beads are adorable (my fave)!

  4. Hey Ema- fun to read about your beginnings! I don't have a lot of glass tools, unfortunately- but all the tools in our house- especially the hammer- are mine!


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