Monday, October 18, 2010

Dunstable Artisans 21st Annual Art Show and Sale

Earlier this year I was honored to become a member of the Dunstable Artisans, a local group of extremely talented and diverse artisans. This past weekend was the annual art show. I was honored to be a participant in this show, however, I have to be honest and tell you that I was more than a bit nervous. I have known of this group for MANY years and attended a show quite some time ago. I have always believed the individuals that belonged to this group were amongst the most talented artisans in the area. I could only hope to live up this reputation.

Back in August, it was with much trepidation that I began to prepare for the show. I have to admit that my expectations for myself can be high, so I push myself hard to be the best I can. I don't always love that about myself but it is what it is. Much would be needed; in terms of my work, I created as I usually do and even stretched myself to create some new products which have been running through my head for some time. Setting up a booth in this venue was going to be my challenge. I have done a lot of shows and fairs in the past but nothing like this. Almost all of the shows I have participated in the past have been outside venues. The one inside venue I participate in, is in a museum and only tables are allowed. Obviously vendors can not interfere with the museums pieces which are on display.

Preparing for a high end inside venue brings with it a whole new set of requirements regarding booth set up. I felt I would need to present myself , my work and my booth in a professional manner. The biggest challenge was going to be some type of wall system to define my booth. The Artisans were more than generous in their support, offering ideas and  even offering equipment used by others during their "first" year of shows. It was important to me to figure out something I could afford and that I felt represented me. I began to look into pipe an drape set ups and was astounded at the cost of these systems. This was not in my budget, not this year anyway.

My husband and I began brainstorming. I should tell you that my husband is a self employed electrician. He is a master at his work but he also has the ability of being the most fantastic handyman, I am telling you...he can fix or create anything! We took a trip to Home Depot and browsed the store trying to find something that would work as a pipe system. We settled on fencing materials and some items from the plumbing department to create my very own customized pipe system, at a price I could afford. I scanned the internet for some reasonably priced, suitable drapes. I was proud of the set up we ended up creating. I think we both did an excellent job. (I hope you don't mind me giving myself a little pat on the back)

For the wonderful husband created the wooden display stand for my focal beads, the wooden wine stop display and the black boxes for my necklaces to be displayed on. I seriously don't know what I would do without all his help. I think I will have to bake him a cheesecake for all his efforts, heck, I'll have to bake him a cheesecake a month for the next year.

I learned so very much from the artisans at this show. There are items I know would like to tweak before next years show but for this moment I can say I was happy with the set up I and my husband achieved. I am grateful and thankful for the generosity and support of the Dunstable Artisans. I am also grateful and thankful for the all the wonderful people who attended the show and were willing to support their local artists. I also have to thank my family for allowing me the time to let it be all about me these past few weeks. Now we will all return to our regular schedules....ahhhhh.



  1. Nice blog! I thought your booth looked fantastic! Kudos to you and your husband.

    Trude Witham

  2. Congratulations on the booth, the creative and handy husband, and everything related to your show. Each show will bring in changes to your set up. It seems there are always good ideas that come one's way. Congratulations.

  3. I agree with Alicia each show you will tweak your presentation. Looking good so far and clever hubby :-)

  4. Love your booth design an setup! Wish I could have gone!


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