Monday, December 6, 2010

The Tree that Inspires Me

The tree. As I pass by on a beautiful, clear sky morning.

I love this tree. I pass it everyday on my walk, sometimes I pass it many times in a day if I am driving by too. It ALWAYS captures my attention. I particularly love the tree when the leaves are off it. I find I am drawn to it on clear, cool nights, with the moon lighting it up. It speaks to me on some level. I'm not sure I can explain why. I see age and wisdom in this tree. I see strength and beauty. I see it embracing anything and everything that comes its way. I see this tree embodying grace.

Just some of my work that has been inspired by this tree...

My hope is that people will leave this tree alone and it will continue to stand strong, towering over our road.


  1. You pay a wonderful tribute to that tree with your gorgeous tree beads, Ema. They are fantastic, and I can see why you are inspired. :)


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