Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Burns happen

In January I received a serious burn while I was creating a bead. I became so focused on the bead and getting the enamels right where I wanted to apply the color I temporarily forgot about the flame. This is a VERY BAD thing to do. I don't often get so involved that I forget about the flame. You simply can't afford to do this when you are working with a flame that has a temperature in the area of 1500 - 2000 degrees. But it happened. I was working beneath the flame and inadvertently put my knuckle straight into the flame. The words that came out of mouth weren't very nice because I knew it was going to bad. It didn't it even hurt, not even a little bit, not a good sign!

I will spare you the gruesome photos I took in the early weeks. This is what the burn looks like three weeks later. Really not bad considering what had happened.

One of the good things, no I should say GREAT things that came out of this event is that I learned about a product I had never heard of before. It is called 2nd Skin for burns by Spenco. This stuff saved me. Really! My burn was so bad I needed to have it covered, for the slightest brush against anything brought tears to my eyes. Keeping it covered wasn't easy because everything I tried stuck to the wound and caused more pain. I posted a photo of my burn on my Facebook Page and a wonderful fellow lampworker, Bonnie Stow of PuddyTatGlass came to my rescue. Bonnie suggested this product and I must say it worked wonders! It is a gel like covering which I had to secure onto my hand with a band aid or two. I don't know exactly how it works but it FELT GREAT, I was able to actually function with this on my hand and it seemed to help the healing process along. A little gelly miracle.  

You can look around Google and find a price you like. I bought a couple boxes from Amazon for a fair price.
I will keep these on hand but hopefully won't ever need them again.

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