Friday, February 25, 2011


I have just come to realize I have been Zentangling all my life and I never knew it! I am playing along and letting my doodles out of their confining, bound pages and onto the internet.

These are my first attempts. I created them in pencil. I have to dig out my awesome, fine pointed markers I have somewhere in this house. I think I will be looking them up a bit later today. I think I have a bit to learn about Zentangles but I still want to share my journey.

I must finish my blogging before I can go look for my markers. Tomorrow is the Big Reveal for the Bead Soup Blog Party! I have my piece(s) made, I need to get some photos and add them to my blog before I can Zentangle some more. 

Join me tomorrow for the Bead Soup Reveal and if you want more information on Zentangle you must visit the Diva of Zentangles. Perhaps you will want to play along. 

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